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This module has 6 sections –

  1. Issue Item
  2. Add Item Stock
  3. Add Item
  4. Item Category
  5. Item Store
  6. Item Supplier

First we will create our Item Category then Item Store then Item Supplier then we will add Item then Item Stock then we will Issue Items to any staff members.

  • Item Category– Go to Inventory > Item Category enter Item Category and its Description then click on Save button. All Item Category can be see right side of this page.img
  • Item Store– Go to Inventory > Item Store enter Item Store NameItem Stock Code and Description then click on Save button. All Item Store can be see right side of this page.img
  • Item Supplier– Go to Inventory > Item Supplier enter Item Supplier Name, Phone, Email, Address then enter Contact Person Name, Phone, Email and Description then click on Save button. All Item Supplier can be see right side of this page.img
  • Add Item– Go to Inventory > Add Item enter Item Name, select Item Category and Description then click on Save button. All Items can be see right side of this page.img
  • Add Item Stock– Go to Inventory > Add Item Stock select Item Category, Item, Supplier, Store then enter Item Quantity, Date, select Attach Document and Description then click on Save button. All Item Stock can be see right side of this page.img
  • Issue Item– Go to Inventory > Issue Item at this page you can see issued item status. To return an item click on Click to Return button from Status column.img

    To issue an item click on Issue Item button present on top right side of this page. Now at this page select User Type then select person from Issue To then enter name who is issuing this Item in Issue By, select Issue Date, Return Date, enter Note then select Item Category, Item, enter Available Quantity then click on Save.


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