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Download Center

This module has 5 sections –

  1. Upload Content
  2. Assignments
  3. Study Material
  4. Syllabus
  5. Other Downloads

In Download Center we will upload all content from Upload Content section under four content types AssignmentsStudy MaterialSyllabusOther Download & rest of four sections are used for viewing uploaded content under these content types.

  • Upload Content– Go to Download Center > Upload Content enter Content TitleContent TypeAvailable ForClassUpload DateDescriptionSelect File & click Save button. Recently uploaded 10 contents can be see right side at this page. You can download content by clicking Download button in action column.img
  • Assignments– Go to Download Center > Assignments all the content uploaded under Assignments content type can be see at this page.
  • Study Material– Go to Download Center > Study Material all the content uploaded under Study Material content type can be see at this page.
  • Syllabus– Go to Download Center > Syllabus all the content uploaded under Syllabus content type can be see at this page.img
  • Other Downloads– Go to Download Center > Other Downloads all the content uploaded under Other Downloads content type can be see at this page.

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