Human Resource

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Human Resource

This module has 11 sections –

  1. Staff Directory
  2. Staff Attendance
  3. Staff Attendance Report
  4. Payroll
  5. Approve Leave Request
  6. Apply Leave
  7. Leave Type
  8. Teachers Rating
  9. Department
  10. Designation
  11. Disabled Staff

In Human Resource we will manage all activities of school staff (not student or parent or guardian) from Principal to Owner to Peon or any School member even he/she using or not using Smart School application. First we will add Department, Designation, Leave Types then we will add Staff Member from Staff Directory then we will manage day by day Staff Attendance then manage Payroll/Salary of staff then Apply or Approve Leave Request. If you want to add additional fields in staff form then you can use Custom Fields feature for this go to System Settings > Custom Fields and add your desired fields in Staff. If you also don’t want any default fields in staff then you can disable it from System Settings > System Fields and disable staff system fields.


  • Department– Go to Human Resource > Department enter Department Name then click Save button. All existing Departments can be see right side of this page.img
  • Designation– Go to Human Resource > Designation enter Designation Name then click Save button. All existing Designation can be see right side of this page.img
  • Leave Type– Go to Human Resource > Leave Type enter Leave Type Name then click Save button. All existing Leave Type can be see right side of this page.img
  • Staff Directory– Go to Human Resource > Staff Directory here you can search all active staff members. You can filter staff members by Role or search by any keyword. You can also see staff directory in two views Card View or List View.img

    You can edit any staff by clicking on Edit button on Staff Card. To view staff details/profile click on View button present on staff card. Staff profile provides 360* view of staff including complete profile, payroll, payslip, allotted/apply/approved leaves, monthly/yearly attendance, uploaded documents and timeline. After staff retirement or reliving you can Disable staff from top right down hand red icon button. After disabling staff, staff profile is marked as red color in background and its login to Smart School also being disabled. Disabled staff can be seen in Human Resource > Disabled Staff. You can also add staff leaving date and resignation letter from staff Edit. Staff can be deleted after disabling staff.img

    To add new staff member click on + Add Staff button from top right corner of this page. Enter Staff ID (if you want to use auto generation of staff id number then enable it from System Setting > General Setting), select Role (roles can be manage from System Settings > Roles Permission), Designation, Department, First Name, Last Name, Father Name, Mother Name, Gender, Marital Status, Date Of Birth, Date Of Joining, Phone, Emergency Contact Number, Email, Photo, Current Address, Permanent Address, Qualification, Work Experience, Note, EPF No (Employee Provident Fund Number), Basic Salary, Contract Type, Work Shift, Location, Number Of Leaves, Bank Account Title, Bank Account Number, Bank Name, IFSC Code, Bank Branch Name, Facebook URL, Twitter URL, LinkedIn URL, Instagram URL, Upload Resume, Joining Letter and Other Documents then click on Save button.img

  • Staff Attendance– Go to Human Resource > Staff Attendance here you can record staff attendance (staff attendance currently does not have support for biometric device attendance). Select Staff Role and Attendance Date then click on Search button. Now can see staff list, select attendance radio button for Present/Late/Absent/Half Day and enter any Note then click on Save Attendance button to submit attendance. If you mark selected date as Holiday then check button Mark As Holiday. If attendance has been already submitted then you will get message of “Attendance Already Submitted You Can Edit Record” in this case you can still edit exiting attendance.img
  • Staff Attendance Report– Go to Human Resource > Staff Attendance Report here you can check staff monthly report, Present/Late/Absent/Half Day/Holiday, Gross Present % etc.img
  • Payroll– Go to Human Resource > Payroll here we will generate monthly salary of staff members. Select Role, Month and Year then click Search button to see staff members list and their payroll status. Now you can see staff list, from Status column you can see current salary status available option from Action column. Payroll has three status Not Generated -> Generated -> Paid. If status is Not Generated then you can see Generate Payroll button, if status is Generated then you can see Proceed To Pay button and if status is Paid then you can see View Payslip button in Action column. If status is Generated or Paid then you can revert this status in previous status.img

    Now click on Generate Payroll button from Action column. At this page you can see staff profile, attendance, approve leaves details. In earning column add earning Type and Amount then in deduction column enter deduction Type and Amount (from top right corner Attendance section you can check this month all attendance and approve details based on this you can calculate deduction for this staff) then in Payroll Summary column enter any tax if applied then finally click on Calculate button to calculate Net Salary amount then click on Save button to save this salary generation.img

    Now come again on payroll page and check this staff payroll status for same month now it should be Generated and in Action column Proceed To Pay button should be visible. Here click on Proceed To Pay button to pay generated salary to this staff. Now at Proceed To Pay modal popup window you can Staff, Net Payment Amount, Month-Year, select Payment mode through which you are paying salary, Payment Date, and Note then click on Save button.img

    Now come again on payroll page and check this staff payroll status for the same month now it should be Paid and in Action column View Payslip button should be visible. Here click on View Payslip button to see and print payslip.img

  • Payroll Report– Go to Human Resource > Payroll Report here we will check payroll report. Select Role, Month and Year then click on Search.img
  • Approve Leave Request– Go to Human Resource > Approve Leave Request here you can view, approve or manually submit staff leave request. Click on View icon button from Action column to see details of applied leave request. Now at this modal popup window you can see details of leave request and change its status to Approve/Disapprove/Pending then enter any Note then click on Save button.img

    To add leave request manually click on Add Leave Request button from top right corner. Here select Role, Staff Name, Apply Date, Leave Type, Leave Date, reason, Note, Attach Document and Status of leave request then click on Save button.img

  • Apply Leave– Go to Human Resource > Apply Leave here logged in staff user can apply/view leave request for his own only. To view applied leaves click on View icon button from Action column. To apply leave click on Apply Leave button from top right corner.img
  • Teachers Rating– Go to Human Resource > Teachers Rating here you can see teachers rating and reviews submitted by students. Ratings needs approval, to approve rating click on Approve button. To display ratings on teachers profile page at least 3 ratings required.img
  • Disabled Staff– Go to Human Resource > Disabled Staff here you can see all Disabled Staff. Click on any staff to see his/her profile. At profile page you can see Delete Staff button, by deleting staff all profile data will be deleted. To Enable any Disabled staff click on green color hands up icon button.img

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