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This module has 8 sections –

  1. Class Timetable
  2. Teachers Timetable
  3. Assign Class Teacher
  4. Promote Students
  5. Subject Group
  6. Subjects
  7. Class
  8. Sections

We have already described few section of Academics Module during Steps to Setup your school, but now we will understand completely Academics module sections. First we will create Sections then Classes then Subject Group then Assign Class Teacher on class-sections then create Class Timetable.

  • Sections– Go to Academics > Sections enter Section Name & click Save button. All the sections can be see right side on this page.img
  • Class- Go to Academics > Class enter Class Name then select Sections under this Class then click Save button. All the Classes and their Sections can be see at right side of this page.img
  • Assign Class Teacher- Go to Academics > Assign class Teacher select Class then select Section then select Class Teachers for this Class Section then click Save button. All the Class-Section and their Class Teachers can be see at right side of this page.img
  • Subjects– Go to Academics > Subjects enter Subject NameSubject Type (Theory/Practical), Subject Code then click Save button. All the subjects can be see at the right side of this page.img
  • Subject Group– Go to Academics > Subject Group enter Subject Group then select Class and Section then select all subjects you want to include in this class and section as group now click on Save.img
  • Class Timetable– Go to Academics > Class Timetable Class Timetable has two parts 1) Adding/Editing class timetable 2) Viewing class timetable.

    For Adding/Editing Class Timetable click on Add button then on next page select ClassSection, Subject Group & click Search button then you will get 7 days tab, now enter Subject,Teacher,Time From,Time To, Room No for each days & click on Save button to save timetable.img

    For viewing Class Timetable (go to Academics > Class Timetable) select ClassSection and click Save button to see class timetable.img

  • Teachers Timetable– Go to Academics > Teachers Timetable Here teachers or other admin staff can see selected teacher timetable.img
  • Promote Students– Go to Student Information > Promote Students select Class and Section and click on Search button to get student list under this class-section. Here you can see every student has Current Result column with Pass / Fail and Next Session Status column with Continue / Leave options and three drop down to select Promote In Session, Class, Section just above the student list.

    Now let’s understand how Promote Student works. Promoting students to next session and class-section depends on two things, 1). Student is pass or fail in main examination and 2). Student will be continue in school or leaving from school. If student is pass and will continue to school, only then student will be promoted to next session and class-section. If student is fail and continue to school then students will be promoted to next session but class-section will be remain as it is. If student is pass but leaving to student then student will not be promoted to next session nor promoted to next class-section. This is the whole mechanism of Promote Student. Smart School automatically manage promotion of session and class-section. To promote students first select Promote In Session, Class, Section and for every student select Current Result pass or fail and Next Session Status continue or leave and click on Promote button from bottom right.img

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