User Guide / Using Smart School


This module has 3 sections –

  1. Student Attendance
  2. Attendance By Date
  3. Approve Leave

Smart School supports two types of attendance Day Wise and Period Wise. You can run any type at once at a time and attendance type can be select from System Settings > General Settings. Now Smart School also supports biometric attendance devices (currently only for day wise attendance) for automated attendance submission. You can enable biometric device feature from System Settings > General Settings. To utilise biometric device feature you should have Smart School Biometric Desktop Plugin Software. Its desktop based application which fetch attendance data from biometric device and sends to Smart School web application.

First we will enter Student Attendance then we will search student attendance for a particular date.

  • Student Attendance– Go to Attendance > Student Attendance select Class then Section then Attendance Date then click Search button. Now below you can see list of students & attendance options like PresentLateAbsent etc. Select the attendance for students then click on Submit Attendance button. To enter National Holiday or Sunday select Mark as holiday button then Submit Attendance button. Note that is attendance is already submitted for a date then you can only edit attendance.img
  • Attendance By Date– Go to Attendance > Attendance By Date to check attendance for a particular date select Class then Section then Date then click on Search button.img
  • Approve Leave– Go to Attendance > Approve Leave here you can see leave request submitted by student to approve or add leaves for students.img


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